The DOOR and MACRO_SERVER proxies

This is how to use the DOOR proxy:

p09/door/exp.01 [24]: type(DOOR)

         Result [24]: <class 'PyTango._PyTango.DeviceProxy'>

p09/door/exp.01 [25]: DOOR.RunMacro(["lsenv"])

         Result [25]: ['<sequence><macro name="lsenv" id="-8" macro_line="lsenv()"/></sequence>']

p09/door/exp.01 [26]:              Name                              Value   Type
 ---------------- ---------------------------------- ------
           ScanID                                 26    int
        scalarVar                                 12    int
   FlagDisplayAll                               True   bool
          dictVar   {'key2': 'val2', 'key1': 'val1'}   dict
         ScanFile                            tst.fio    str
     ActiveMntGrp                                mg1    str
     _ViewOptions                {'ShowDial': False}   dict
     JsonRecorder                               True   bool
    FlagDisplayAl                              False   bool
          var_out                               test    str
          ScanDir                  /home/kracht/temp    str

And this is the MACRO_SERVER proxy:

p09/door/exp.01 [34]: MACRO_SERVER.DoorList  

         Result [34]: ('p09/door/exp.01',)