The SardanaMonitor displays 0d and 1d data being created during scans. It is started with the command:


This way, the first door is selected. The command line argument '-d' allows for a selection of another door (same TANGO_HOST).

$ -d p99/door/haspp99.01

To change the TANGO_HOST:

$ export TANGO_HOST=haspp98
$ -d p98/door/haspp98.01

It is also possible to send a postscript command to the SardanaMonitor from the spock command line:

p09/door/haso107d1.01 [5]: %smPost hasps1

Figure 7.5 shows the SardanaMonitor widget.

Figure 7.25: SardanaMonitor Widget

The Cursor button launches a separate widget, see 7.5.3.

The SSA button performs a simple-scan-analysis on the column that corresponds to the SignalCounter (MacroServer environment variable).

The StopAllMoves button stops the current Macro and stops all motors (Pool and Tango server), i.e. it executes a Stop on all Pool motors and a StopMove on Tango servers exporting motors.

The check-button DisplayAll determines whether one or all MCAs are displayed. Figure 7.5 shows the graphics output, if at most one MCA is displayed. The MCA uses the bottom half of the graphics window.

Figure 7.26: SardanaMonitor graphics output, one MCA only

Figure 7.5 shows the case, if DisplayAll is selected. The graphics window is divided in equally sized parts for counters and MCAs.

Figure 7.27: SardanaMonitor graphics output

Notice that it is possible to specify whether counters are displayed during the scans. See section 4.4.2.