The MotorLogger creates new versions of the file /online_dir/MotorLogs/motorLog.lis. It is invoked by cron 6 times a day and during the startup of each Spock session.

$ --help
Usage: -x [-q] [-c <progName>]
  Creates new versions of /online_dir/MotorLogs/motorLog.lis
  Device names are printed, if stdout is a TTY AND -q is not supplied.
 <progName> is written to the log-file, if supplied.

  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  -x           execute
  -q           quiet
  -c CALLER    name of the calling program, e.g. 'spock' or 'cron'
  -f FILENAME  file name, e.g.: motorLogShutdown (always in

TipsAndTricks: the MotorLogger can be invoked 'by hand' to check motor response times.