Preparation of Components

Since the preparation of components and data sources is a rather tedious task, the Component Designer (Figure 9.7), has been developed. It is launched from a Linux terminal by

haspp09% nxsdesigner

Figure 9.7: Component Designer

It creates new components and data sources, edits existing ones or links data sources to components. The Component Designer (CD) uses a data base to manage components and data sources. The following procedure outlines the steps to create all required components for a particular experiment:

  1. Creation of the data sources: data sources being related to Tango1 attributes can be generated by automated procedures. The others have to be created with the CD.
  2. Re-use of existing components: if a device is already in use at another beamline the corresponding component can be imported and the local data sources have to be supplied.
  3. Creation of new components: if a device is used for the first time, the component has to be created with the CD and the data sources have to be supplied.
  4. Storage of the newly created components and data sources.
Creating data sources and components requires a reasonable amount of expertise. Hence, this tasks is typically performed by beamline staff or members of the experiment control group.