Component Selector and MacroGUI integration in TaurusGUI

Since the Component Selector is a Taurus widget it can be launched within taurusgui, e.g. by
haspp09% nxsmacrogui
The above command runs macrogui and the Component Selector integrated as one taurusgui application.

The required door device can be set by -d<door_device> or -door=<door_device> switches, i.e.

haspp09% nxsmacrogui -d p09/door/haso228k.02
or changed in the Taurus\Macro execution configuration item of taurusgui menu. By default the first door is used.

On the Spock the NeXus Macro GUI is launched by

p09/door/haspp09.01 [1]: nxsmacrogui