Current NeXus Configuration

The current NeXus Configuration can be displayed by executing on the TANGO_HOST the nxsconfig command:

haspp09mono% nxsconfig info
provides relation between components and datasources
haspp09mono% nxsconfig geometry
shows physical information for field of the components.

To run these commands from other computers than TANGO_HOST an additional parameter with NXSConfigServer device name should be added, e.g.

haspp08% nxsconfig info -s haspp08mono:10000/p08/nxsconfigserver/haspp08
It is also possible to add components into the argument list, e.g.
haspp08% nxsconfig geometry -s haspp08mono:10000/p08/nxsconfigserver/haspp08 dcm source
prints the physical information about the 'dcm' and 'source' components.