Setting up NeXus servers

If on TANGO HOST the nxsconfig* database exists the host is ready to setup servers. This can be done by
haspp09% nxsetup set
if the localhost is known by nxsetup script or
haspp09% nxsetup set -b <beamline> -m <masterHost> -u <local_user> -d <dbname>
haspp09% nxsetup set -b p09 -m haspp09 -u p09user -d nxsconfig
in a general case.

The above commands create NXSConfigServer, NXSDataWriter, NXSRecSelector and start them on proper hosts. In the current PETRA software environment the NXSConfigServer server has to run on the TANGO HOST. Therfore, if the localhost is not TANGO HOST the nxsetup script searches for TANGO HOST and starts NXSConfigServer on TANGO HOST. Other servers are started on the localhost. The instance names of the servers are defined by the masterHost name.

To setup only one server, e.g. NXSDataWriter, specify the class name of the server as an additional argument, i.e.

haspp09% nxsetup set NXSDataWriter