Creating and changing NeXus configuration

To recreate the NeXus configuration of the beamline, run the corresponding script from the /usr/share/nxstools/, e.g.
haspp06ctrl% /usr/share/nxstools/ /usr/share/nxstools/online_haspp06ctrl.xml -s
where online_haspp06ctrl.xml is a tested version of online.xml while -s sets the DefaultPreselectedComponents of NXSRecSelector by executing the nxsetup change-prop command, e.g.:
haspp06ctrl% nxsetup change-prop -n DefaultPreselectedComponents -w "[\"beamtime_id\",\"source\",\"undulator\",\"slit1\",\"dcm\"]"  NXSRecSelector/hasnp65

Moreover, the contains a set of nxscreate commands which create components and datasources of the Nexus configuration.