Simple component for a given datasource

When a datasource does not have any defined standard component but it requires special location in the nexus file it is possible to create its simple component.

For example

haspp06ctrl% nxscreate comp -n  '/scan$var.serialno:NXentry/instrument/p06_xia03:NXdetector/collection/inputcurrentrate' xia3icr -g STEP -t NX_FLOAT64 -k -m -b -o
creates the xia3icr component for the xia3icr datasource.


haspp06ctrl% nxscreate comp  -n  '/scan$var.serialno:NXentry/instrument/detector:NXdetector/collection:NXcollection/' -v exp_vfc -f1 -l16  -g STEP -t NX_FLOAT64 -k -b -o
creates the exp_vfc01, ...exp_vfc16 components for the exp_vfc01, ...exp_vfc16 datasources.


haspp06ctrl% nxscreate comp -n  '/scan$var.serialno:NXentry/instrument/fluo:NXdetector/collection/fluo2z' fluo_2z -s fluo2z -g INIT -t NX_FLOAT64 -m  -b -o
creates the fluo_2z component for the fluo2z datasource.