Detectors: Pilatus, PCO, PerkinElmer, etc.

The detectors are integrated in Sardana as two dimesional experimental channels. In this way they can be added to the measurement group as counters and during a scan images will be taken at each point.

Up to now the detectors implemented in Sardana are: Pilatus, PCO, MarCCD, PerkinElmer, LCX camera, Lambda, EigerDectris, EigerPSI, PSCameraVHR, TangoVimba , HzgDcam and the ones controlled via Lima.

This is how a detector has to be introduced in the online.xml file for having it in Sardana:


The most important tag for recognizing that the device corresponds to a detector and from which type is <module>. The possible <module> values are:

Remarks about the other tags:

Certain detector attributes are not handled by the controllers because this would involve MacroServer I/O which can be too time consuming. The following sub-sections present Macros that do this job.

Section 13.2.3 explains how a pre-scan hook can be employed to configure detector attributes in a way that the images are stored in a standardized directory structure.