wh (print positions and parameterst)

class wh(Macro, _diffrac):
    """wh - where, principal axes and reciprocal space
    Prints the current reciprocal space coordinates (H K L) and the user 
    positions of the principal motors. Depending on the diffractometer geometry, 
    other parameters such as the angles of incidence and reflection (ALPHA and 
    BETA) and the incident wavelength (LAMBDA) may be displayed."""

p09/door/haso107d1.01 [6]: wh

H K L =    1.00000   0.00000   0.00000 

Azimuth (Psi) =  135.00000
Wavelength =  1.54000

     Delta       Theta          Chi         Phi         Mu       Gamma
  61.77200    30.88600      0.00000    90.00000    0.00000     0.00000