XMCD (PiLC) as counter

The attributes of the XMCD Tango Device can be read as counters in the scans.

The entry in the online.xml file for each attribute that want to be read has to be:


<module> has to be xmcd. <device> has to contain not only the name of the Tango device but also of the Tango attribute that wants to be read.

Update (August 2017): It can also read as normal TangoAttribute counter. The controller returns always state ON.

Obsolete (keeped in case review is needed): As normal TangoAttribute counter can not be read, because the state of the XMCD Tango device has to be used for setting the state of the created Tango devices. The measurement with these channels as counters will take more time than the acquistion time set in the scan, since the PiLC extends the acquisition time.