Maia, P06

For using the macros concerning the Maia detector (maia_scan, maia_regions_scan, ...) several environment variables have to be defined:

Use the macro lsenv to check if they are defined. In case they are not, you can set them running the macro maia_senv:

p06/door/haspp06ctrl [1]: maia_senv
Setting MaiaAxis0Device to p06/maiaaxis/exp.00
Setting MaiaAxis1Device to p06/maiaaxis/exp.01
Setting MaiaScanDevice to p06/maiascan/exp.01
Setting MaiaProcessingDevice to p06/maiaprocessing/exp.01
Setting MaiaLoggerDevice to p06/maialogger/exp.01
Setting MaiaSampleDevice to p06/maiasample/exp.01
Setting MaiaFlux0Device to p06/maiaflux/exp.00
Setting MaiaFlux1Device to p06/maiaflux/exp.01
Setting EnergyDevice to p06/dcmener/mono.01
Setting Flux0Device to p06/keithley428/mc01.10
Setting Flux1Device to p06/keithley428/mc01.11
Setting Pixel1JogMode to 0
Setting ShutterDevice to p06/timer/exp.01

or define them one by one:

p06/door/haspp06ctrl [1]: senv   MaiaAxis0Device    p06/maiaaxis/exp.00
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [2]: senv   MaiaAxis1Device    p06/maiaaxis/exp.01
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [3]: senv   MaiaScanDevice    p06/maiascan/exp.01
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [4]: senv   MaiaProcessingDevice    p06/maiaprocessing/exp.01
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [5]: senv   MaiaLoggerDevice    p06/maialogger/exp.01
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [6]: senv   MaiaSampleDevice    p06/maiasample/exp.01
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [7]: senv   MaiaFlux0Device    p06/maiaflux/exp.00
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [8]: senv   MaiaFlux1Device    p06/maiaflux/exp.01
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [9]: senv   EnergyDevice    p06/dcmener/mono.01
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [10]: senv  Flux0Device    p06/keithley428/mc01.10
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [11]: senv  Flux1Device    p06/keithley428/mc01.11
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [12]: senv  Pixel1JogMode    0
p06/door/haspp06ctrl [13]: senv  ShutterDevice    p06/timer/exp.01

The file MaiaDefaultEnv.txt in the directory


contains these lines for setting the environment correctly. Simply copy and paste them in your spock sesion.