Configuring the MeasurementGroup using macros from Spock

The MG can be configured from Spock using macros.

defmeas Create a new measurement group. First channel in channel_list MUST be an internal sardana channel. At least one channel MUST be a Counter/Timer (by default, the first Counter/Timer in the list willbecome the master).

p09/door/haso107d1.01 [36]: defmeas mg_ivp d1_t01 d1_c01 d1_c02 d1_c03 exp_petra

udefmeas Deletes an existing measurement group.

change_mg Changes an existing measurement group or creates a new MG. Usage:

p09/door/exp.01 [6]: %change_mg -a <addflag> -g <mgName> -t <timer> -e <extraTimer> -c <counter> -m <mca> -nd <not displayed counters> -no <no spock columns counters> -q <pilatus>