GalilRS, reset Galil controller

class GalilRS(Macro):
    Resets GalilMotors
    - the current motor positions are stored, opMode: -x
    - the macro sends a RS (reset) to the Galil controller
    - the macro waits for the motors to reach their final positions
    - finally motors are moved to their original positions, opMode: -x

    The -f option resets the device ignoring the initial positions. This
    option is intended to be used, if the positions cannot be read out.

    The positions to be reached after RS are hard coded for each BL
      haspp09: abs(pos) == 5

    result_def = [['result', Type.Boolean, None, 'GalilRS return status']]
    param_def = [['opMode', Type.String, None, 
                  '-x execute, -f forced, execute ignoring the current positions']]