This macro blocks until the Petra current is above a given limit. By default this limit is set to 1 (the units are determined by the attribute from which the current is read). The limit is changed by giving an argument to the macro. The Petra current is read by default from the attribute BeamCurrent of the device:


with the same TANGO_HOST of the computer where Sardana is running. The device name can be changed (necessary for ex. if the TANGO_HOST differs from the Sardana one) setting it to an environment variable called PetraDevice, ex.:

 spock [1]: senv PetraDevice haspp09dif:10000/petra/globals/keyword

or to any other Device. In that case you have to set the name of the Attribute to look at in the environment variable PetraCurrent, ex.:

 spock [1]: senv PetraCurrent Counts