TngGui is a PySpectra application giving access to various parts of our Tango/Sardana system. Its main purpose is to analyse the system and to do some debugging. Figure 7.15.2 shows the main widget.

Figure 7.45: TngGui, main widget

Te pop-up menu Files gives easy access to various files, including the MacroServer and Pool log files.

There tables for Motors, ADCs/DACs. Cameras, Counters, IORegs, MCAs, ModuleTango, Timers, VFCADCs, MGs.

Motors can be moved from a widget displaying a signal simultaneously, 7.15.2.

Figure 7.46: TngGui, motor move widget

For all device classes you can launch widgets for attributs, commands and properties, see 7.15.2, 7.15.2

Figure 7.47: TngGui, attributes widget

Figure 7.48: TngGui, commands widget

There is also a dedicated widget for measurement groups, see 7.15.2.

Figure 7.49: TngGui, measurement group widget

A widget that gives access to certain MacroServer features can be found here 7.15.2.

Figure 7.50: TngGui, selected MacroServer features