The is a tool monitoring the status of selected control system components (MacroServer, Pool, ZMX):

Usage: -x [-l [-t <timeSleep> ]] 
  Checks the status of the MacroServer, the Pool and ZMXs
  and notifies users in case of trouble via email and/or sms
  -x    the check is executed once, the errors are displayed, no further notifications
  -x -l the check is repeatedly executed 
  -x -l -n
  -x -l -n,sms/

  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  -x            execute
  -l            execute repeatedly
  -n NOTIFY     comma separated notify list, no blanks
  -t TIMESLEEP  sleep time when looping, def. 10

If it is used for the first time on an experiment PC, it is executed in single-shot mode:

$ -x

This command displays all errors. After they have been fixed the tool can be executed repeatedly:

$ -x -l -n,sms/

This way the procedure is executed in a loop. The wait time is 10s. If errors occur the listed addresses are notified. The notifaction happens only once when the status changes from 'good' to 'error'.