serves various Tango related purposes:

$ --help
usage: [-h] [--bb BBDEVICENAME] [--list]
                     [--class [CLASSPATTERN]] [--attr [ATTRPATTERN]]
                     [--stateFAULT] [--stateALARM] [--dev [DEVPATTERN]]
                     [--alias [ALIASPATTERN]] [--mg [MGPATTERN]] [--full]
                     [--prop [PROPPATTERN]] [--dbhost [DBHOSTPATTERN]]
                     [--force] [--kill] [--restart] [--start] [--simon]
                     [--simoff] [--simlist] [--dump] [--examples] [--matching]
                     [pattern [pattern ...]]

Tango Server Utility

positional arguments:
  pattern               server name pattern, case in-sensitive, can be "tus"

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --bb BBDEVICENAME     list last 20 entries of the black_box of the device to
                        find connected clients
  --list                list servers and devices
  --class [CLASSPATTERN]
                        show classes (with --list)
  --attr [ATTRPATTERN]  show attributes (with --list)
  --stateFAULT          search for state == FAULT
  --stateALARM          search for state == ALARM
  --dev [DEVPATTERN]    show devices (with --list)
  --alias [ALIASPATTERN]
                        restrict search with alias (with --list)
  --mg [MGPATTERN]      restrict search with mg (with --list)
  --full                full MG listing
  --prop [PROPPATTERN]  show (selected) properties (with --list)
  --dbhost [DBHOSTPATTERN]
                        the dbHost, default: local host
  --force               execute without confirmation (kill, (re)start)
  --kill                kill servers
  --restart             restart servers, start in reverted order
  --start               start servers
  --simon               SimulationMode: 1
  --simoff              SimulationMode: 0
  --simlist             List SimulationMode
  --dump                create a new version of /online_dir/TangoDump.lis
  --examples            list examples
  --matching            list matching rules
  --ivp                 installation verification procedure

Examples see: --examples

Matching rules see: --matching

Pattern shortcut, the-usual-suspects: "tus" expands to "dgg2 mca omsvme58 sis tip vfc"

Notice that "" can create Python code.