The listing below can be generated by $TngUtility.py --examples.


  TngUtility.py --list 
    list all servers including state and starter host, 
    simulated devices are reported.

  TngUtility.py --list ^dgg --dev
    list the devices exported by servers beginning with 'dgg'

  TngUtility.py --list omsv --prop base 
    list the base properties of the Oms devices

  TngUtility.py --list ^omsvme58$ --prop --dev 71
    list the properties of the OmsVme58 server for those devices 
    including 71 in the device names.

  TngUtility --list  --dev --alias exp_mot01
    display only the device which has the alias exp_mot01

  TngUtility.py --dbhost haspp17 --list
    list the servers of hosts beginning with haspp17

  TngUtility.py --dbhost --list dgg2
    list the servers matching dgg2 from all DB-hosts

  TngUtility.py --list Pool --mg mg_name --full
    print information about a MeasurementGroup.

  TngUtility.py --list zmx --dbhost haspp10 --class ZMX --stateFAULT
    print the ZMX, class ZMX, devices that are in the FAULT state 

  TngUtility.py --dump
    creates new versions of /online_dir/TangoDump.lis and \verb+~.py+. 

  TngUtility.py --simOn dgg sis tip omsv
    set the SimulationMode property of the selected servers to 1

  TngUtility.py --start dgg sis tip
    start servers containing 'dgg', 'sis', or 'tip'
    Btw.: "tus" expands to "dgg2 mca omsvme58 sis tip vfc"