OmsVme58: server uses 100% CPU time

Description: the shell command top shows that the OmsVme58 server uses 100% of of the CPU time. After a re-start of the OmsVme58 server the first VME access, e.g. a position read, will cause the trouble. This happened because some VME card (the OMS card or some other card) was not firmly inserted into the VME crate.

Action: use astor to stop all Tango servers. Then power-off VME and ensure that the VME cards are firmly inserted. Then power-on VME and re-start the Tango servers.

Use the versioned files in /online_dir/MotorLogs to verify that the motor attributes are as expected. To do this, you create a new version of /online_dir/MotorLogs/motorLog.lis: -x -c vmeCheck and use the Unix diff command to compare it with a previous version. See 8.3 for more information about the MotorLogger.

The versioned file /online_dir/TangoDump.lis may also be helpful.