The very beginning

When starting Spock for the first time, you are prompted to specify a Door name:

$ spock
MainThread     INFO     2015-03-23 16:55:41,192 TaurusRootLogger: Using "PyQt4" for Qt
Profile 'spockdoor' does not exist. Do you want to create one now ([y]/n)? y
Available Door devices from :
p09/door/haso107d1.01     (running)
p09/door/haso107d1.02     (running)
p09/door/haso107d1.03     (running)
Door name from the list? p09/door/haso107d1.01

The question 'Do you want to create one now?' has been answered with 'y' and the Door name has been typed in: p09/door/haso107d1.

There is an option that controls how motor positions are displayed. If ShowDial is set to False, the DIAL is not displayed. At DESY the DIAL has no meaning. If the ShowCtrlAxis flag is set to true, the pool device names are displayed together with the aliases when using wa or wm.

p02/door/exp.01 [1]: setvo ShowDial False
p02/door/exp.01 [1]: setvo ShowCtrlAxis True