View Options

The View Options are environment variables that modifies the output of the macros displaying information about the motors: wa and wm.

Up to now there are three View Options:

They are displayed with the macro lsenv, together with all the other environment variables:

p09/door/haspp09.01 [1]: lsenv
                  Name                                                                              Value      Type
 --------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
           ScanHistory   [{'deadtime': 0.23218011856079102, 'title': 'ascan mnchrmtr 8000.0 8100.0  [...]      list
       EnergyMotorName                                                                           mnchrmtr       str
                   Psi                                                                       pm/e6cctrl/4       str
          _ViewOptions                          {'PosFormat': 4, 'ShowDial': False, 'ShowCtrlAxis': True}      dict
          JsonRecorder                                                                               True      bool
   DataCompressionRank                                                                                  0       int
                ScanID                                                                                 19       int
   NeXusSelectorDevice                                                         p09/nxsrecselector/haspp09   unicode
         DiffracDevice                                                      controller/diffrace6c/e6cctrl       str
             scalarVar                                                                                 12       int
        FlagDisplayAll                                                                               True      bool
              ScanFile                                                                     [u'test.spec']      list
       PreScanSnapshot                                                                                 []      list
          ActiveMntGrp                                                                          nxsmntgrp       str
         LksController                                                                             lks340       str
               ScanDir                                                            /home/p09user/data/test   unicode

or with the specific macro lsvo:

p09/door/haspp09.01 [2]: lsvo
    View option   Value
 -------------- -------
      PosFormat       4
       ShowDial   False
   ShowCtrlAxis    True

They are set with the macro setvo:

p09/door/haspp09.01 [3]: setvo PosFormat 4
p09/door/haspp09.01 [4]: setvo ShowDial False
p09/door/haspp09.01 [4]: setvo ShowCtrlAxis True